The Park of “Corno alle Scale”

It has been classified as a site of Community Interest and special protection area. Moreover is location for winter and summer sports, trekking and much more.

The ski facilities are covered from 40km of slopes in winter season always perfectly cover of snow (natural or artificial) that become in the summer season beautiful places for sports and wellness.

The area offers many points of interest in natural, historical and cultural activities, allowing you to leave your holiday as free as possible, doing sports or using the hotel as base for visiting art cities like Florence and Bologna.



Has been recognized the brand for “typical products” with the European guarantee for “healthy products from healthy land” in particular for the spring water from the local source.

Pianaccio is the location where was born and buried Enzo Biagi, one of the most important italian journalists of the XX century.

The location of Lizzano in Belvedere had a great historical importance in the second world war with the famous Gothic line and the reunion of italian resistance.

At the top of the mountain “Corno alle Scale” is located a big iron cross, point of reference for all those who practice these wonderful peaks.

The ski facilities of “Corno alle Scale” were the scene of the first Alberto Tomba downhill, champion and Olympic gold medal in alpine skiing who has never forgot this wonderful lands.